Install Drupal with XAMPP in Ubuntu


Are you ready to build your very own website? It’s not as hard as you may think! A computer with an internet connection is all that’s required. Oh, and not to mention a healthy dose of patience!

This is a straightforward tutorial/guide which walks you through the entire process: installation and set-up, content management and basic configurations. Okay, enough chit-chat, let’s begin!

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TomTom ONE 3rd Edition

It won’t be long before all cars are equipped with GPS navigation systems. As GPS prices have fallen considerably, with entry-level models priced below $100, and high-end units quoted above $300 – there’s one to fit everyone’s budget.

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Breaking News: Fourth Amendment Takes a Back Seat in U.S. Constitution

July 10, 2008 marks an important day in U.S. history. Today, President Bush signed the FISA Amendments Act of 2008 bill into law. The landmark decision, approved by the Senate with a vote of 69 to 28, permits the National Security Agency (NSA) to conduct “warrantless surveillance” of all United States citizens, even without probable cause. It also grants immunity to telecommunications companies from past and future lawsuits for cooperation with the NSA in spying domestic targets.

The new law is controversial, with most of its support coming from the Bush administration and Republicans. Mr. Bush said the vote “will protect the liberties of our citizens while maintaining the vital flow of intelligence.” On the other hand, opposition groups question the constitutionality of the new law, calling it a violation to the Fourth Amendment, which guards against unreasonable searches and seizures. Ironically, Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama voted yes on the bill, a decision which many Democrats held firm in opposition. Senator Hilary Clinton voted against the bill, while John McCain did not vote.

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Encrypt Your Data With TrueCrypt

Data theft should be a top concern for computer users. One way to protect your personal and sensitive information is encryption, the process of encoding information in such a way that only the person with the key can decode it.

In this tutorial, I will provide step-by-step instructions on how to encrypt and decrypt your data using TrueCrypt.

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Lam Trường – Chuyện Hôm Qua


Lam Trường – Chuyện Hôm Qua

Genre: Pop/R&B
Released 2007
(p) Viết Tân Studio

Lam Trường (born October 24, 1974) has long been a favorite amongst Vietnamese fans. This multi-talented singer became popular in 1997 for his top hit song Tình Thôi Xót Xa composed by Bảo Chấn. Not only can he speak fluent Vietnamese, but also English, Cantonese, and Mandarin. Lam Trường has received numerous awards, including an invitation to perform on Japan public broadcast NHK.

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Use Google to Search for Network Webcams


I found me a giraffe! 😆

If you include [inurl:"ViewerFrame?Mode=Motion"] in your query, Google will search for pages in which the URL contains the word “ViewerFrame?Mode=Motion”. This permits access to thousands of Panasonic- and Axis-made network cameras that have web interfaces, which allow the user to control the camera’s motorized pan-and-tilt mechanisms.

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V.4men – Korean Band Performs in Vietnamese!


V.4men, a Korean group consists of Ji/One, Lee Jung Ho, Jung Sae Young and Ha Hyoun Hee, debuted their first album in Sài Gòn, Vietnam in 2006. The album, named Adantc (slowly… slowly…), features 8 Korean songs written in Vietnamese by three Vietnamese musicians including Võ Thiện Thanh, Hà Quang Minh, and Chu Minh.

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